Frédéric Mouchet

Born in Paris in 1967, Frédéric has been a keen photographer ever since he was a teenager. When he was 20, he made his first photography trip to Africa. The experience was an opportunity for him to acquire hands-on experience of the world of reporting – and discover the gamut of emotions that accompany the quest for things worth photographing. He has been travelling the world ever since – always with a camera to hand.

His photos are regularly published in magazines such as GEO, Grands Reportages, and Australian Geographic, as well as featuring in exhibitions in France and abroad.

His recent book, The Australia of the French Explorers, won the 2016 Jules Ducros Aubert Prize, awarded by the French Geographical Society.

In his choice of subjects, Frédéric usually concentrates on long-term work, adopting a territorial-based approach. He believes in the expressive power of certain landscapes, redolent with history or spirituality. His peregrinations across every continent have allowed him to gain a sense of the importance of the link between geography, individuals, and their respective cultures.

Frédéric’s work currently has a decided focus on subjects that explore the relationship between people and their environment, particularly in traditional cultures. It is generally within these societies that the awareness of our dependence on nature is the most tangible.

ISLAND SPIRIT is a new way of getting close to Frédéric’s photographs, now available to become part of owners’ everyday environments – and thus bring us a little closer to the wonders of our world, and the farthest-flung peoples that inhabit it.


Sandrine Mouchet

Sandrine was born in 1969 in the Lyon area; at a very early age, she became attracted to distant cultures and learning their languages. When she went to university, one of her subjects was Japanese, as she was fascinated by the ideograms and aesthetic attractiveness of the country. She has travelled there many times, working in Franco-Japanese trade relations before moving to the French Foreign Office in 1999 to embark on a career as a diplomat.

Her position at the French Foreign Office took her to Guangzhou, China, where for three years she headed up the Department of Cooperation and Cultural Affairs. She then moved to the French embassy in Australia, where she worked on political and environmental issues from 2011 to 2015.

This time spent living abroad, accompanied by her husband, photographer Frédéric, offered a wealth of experiences. Their many trips and stays in the Asia-Pacific zone have enabled her to envisage infinite combinations of grand locations that are sources of wonder and fullness – and devastated areas that are sources of frustration and indignation.

Her environmental awareness has grown and been nurtured through all this, so much so that she has gone on to study the various mechanisms put in place to try and save the planet, and now holds a Masters in international environmental law. This specialist subject enables her to connect her job as a diplomat, her personal concerns, and the central theme that she and Frédéric have chosen to embody in ISLAND SPIRIT: a concept involving the sale of artistic photographs that pay tribute to the beauty of our planet, and the cultures that have successfully preserved the essential union between humankind and nature.