A new approach

Today, the field of photography is expanding as never before; people everywhere are keen to make it a part of all areas of daily life, both at home and in the workplace. Images serve as windows on the world, so much so that they have become vital, acting like a breath of fresh air on our walls.

Until recently, anyone seeking to acquire an original photographic work that was anything other than the fruit of mass production, one crafted to the most exacting standards, had no option but to enter the traditional art market – with the prohibitive prices that all too often entails.

The aim of ISLAND SPIRIT is to meet the needs of the constantly growing number of people keen to have access to limited-edition prints of the work of professional photographers, produced in line with the same quality standards as those sold in specialist art galleries.

To achieve this, our works are published in limited editions in slightly larger numbers than those generally imposed in the conventional art market. Doing so allows us to offer much more accessible rates, whilst preserving a degree of exclusivity thanks to restricted print runs: each copy bears a distinct number, is signed by the author, and comes with a certificate of authenticity.

Prestations - Island spirit

A collection

ISLAND SPIRIT draws on an extensive collection of photographs taken all over the world, often during reports destined for magazines or as part of work undertaken for exhibitions. The range of available works is constantly expanding.


An identity

ISLAND SPIRIT photographs are selected on the basis of a certain outlook on life: a world in which humankind is sensitive to its environment, and in harmony with nature – a source of fulfilment, riches, and wonder.

Certain peoples have long grasped the idea of the Earth being governed by unceasing interaction between the landscape, plant life, animal life, and humans, all part of an inseparable, interdependent whole. Viewed in this light, our planet may be seen as a unique island: generous yet finite; marvellous yet limited. The future of this island is in the hands of none other than its inhabitants – all of them – united by a common spirit: the ISLAND SPIRIT.