Unique art photographs, in limited editions, numbered and signed by the photographer, printed on stylish, contemporary media, of gallery quality standard, at very affordable prices.

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ISLAND SPIRIT photographs

Our policy is to make unique art photography with a difference available at affordable prices.

These rates are possible because our works are produced in slightly larger limited editions than those usually imposed by the traditional art market. These editions enable us to offer very affordable rates, whilst preserving their exclusive character by having limited print runs, numbering each proof, adding the photographer’s signature, and providing a certificate of authenticity.

All our photographs are produced in limited editions. This means that you purchase a numbered and signed collector’s item.

We have established a limited number of prints to make sure they retain their unique character:

  • - 30 pieces for the DECOUVERTE format (the smallest)
  • - 25 pieces for the PASSION format
  • - 15 pieces for the GALERIE format
  • - 10 pieces for the COLLECTION format
  • - 4 pieces for the PRESTIGE format
  • - 1 piece for the ABSOLU format (the largest)

Quite logically, the larger the format, the smaller the number.

Each print is made from the photographer’s original, processed, and printed on top-of-the-range paper in a state-of-the-art professional laboratory. For each photograph purchased, you’ll also receive a certificate of authenticity signed by the photographer.

Yes, only the ISLAND SPIRIT brand is authorised to sell these photographs. Furthermore, each work purchased from ISLAND SPIRIT is a unique, numbered item.

Yes, for each work purchased, you will receive a certificate of authenticity signed by the photographer themselves. Two copies are supplied: one takes the form of a sticker to be placed on the back of the photo; the other, on fine art paper, should be kept in a safe place.

Yes, you can write a personal note when you place your order online. We’ll send it to the recipient (yourself or the person you’re giving the photograph to) together with the photograph’s signed certificate of authenticity.

Yes, of course. Each ISLAND SPIRIT photograph comes with a certificate of authenticity. This guarantees the origin of the work and states the title of the photo, the number of the print in the limited edition, the name of the photographer, and bears their actual signature. Two copies are supplied: one takes the form of a sticker to be placed on the back of the photo; the other, on fine art paper, should be kept in a safe place.

Photograph finishes and frames

No, you can also purchase just the print, for all the formats we offer. All the prints are produced in a professional photo laboratory, using the best quality paper. You will receive the print rolled in a highly protective cardboard tube (except for prints in the smallest DECOUVERTE format, which comes flat with a mount). You can then have your print framed as you like.

Our photographs are available in 14 different formats: from the DECOUVERTE format (24x36 cm for the photo itself, 40x50 cm if it’s in a wooden frame) to the ABSOLU format (up to 150x225 cm, for certain photos only).

Your choice of format will of course depend on your budget and the space you have available to hang your chosen work.

The photographs can be viewed as they would look on site (above a small chest-of-drawers for the DECOUVERTE format, and above a 4-seater sofa for the GALERIE, COLLECTION, PRESTIGE and ABSOLU formats); this will give you an idea of the space the work will take up in your home.

View the formats here.

You can choose from a whole range of finishes to show off your photograph:

  • - for the DECOUVERTE format (photo measuring 24x36 cm), there’s a traditional glass mount, with a natural wood frame (Nielsen Quadrum, 40x50 cm, 4 shades: matte black, pearl white, oak, and wenge) and mount (Larson Artique 4874 paper, chalk, professional hand cut).
  • - for the other formats, we offer a film coated print, mounted on a Dibond aluminium panel. For more sheen and light, you can add a sheet of acrylic glass (Plexiglas®). These two finishes (Dibond aluminium and acrylic glass) give the print a very clear, stylish, and contemporary look. Your work can be displayed very elegantly. If you want to give it volume, you can choose to add a solid wood box frame (choice of 5 shades: satin white, black wood, satin black, oak, and walnut). The print (plus the Dibond aluminium and/or acrylic glass finish) will be positioned in the wooden frame, on a 2cm thick base; this leaves a space between the back and the image, producing a gallery effect.

View finishes and frames here.

Yes, the photographs mounted on Dibond aluminium are all protected from moisture and light by means of a UV filter. Acrylic glass further enhances this protection.

Art photographs as a gift

Yes, of course. When you order, simply provide a different delivery address from the billing address.


You have the choice between several secure means of payment:

  • - credit cards: Visa, Mastercard and American Express
  • - bank transfer (you will be supplied with the transfer details when you place your order)
  • - Paypal (an online account system for managing your purchases)
  • - Paylib (an online payment solution that enables you to shop online using a bank card without ever needing to enter your card details)
  • - Masterpass (payment solution to make online purchases with a credit card without ever entering the data)

Yes, all bank transactions on our site are secure. They are carried out using our partner BNP Paribas’ MERCANET 3D Secure online transaction system. Your bank details (card number, expiry date, etc.) are passed on in encrypted format only, using the very latest SSL Secure Socket Layer technology. ISLAND SPIRIT does not have access to this data at any time. When you enter your bank details, you are on BNP Paribas’ own secure page.

Yes, secure payment can be done in 2 or 3 times, free of charge. This possibility is proposed to you during the step "Payment of your order".

You can view and print the invoice for your order from your Customer Account, under the heading "History and details of my orders".


All our products are made to measure on request, so our delivery times vary according to the specific production times for each order.

Production times may be up to 8 days for orders requiring the most work, such as aluminium Dibond mounting, acrylic glass finish, and box frame. To this must be added the shipping time (1-8 days depending on the destination country).

Delivery costs vary depending on the chosen format and the destination country.

Yes, our works can be delivered anywhere in the world (except for certain countries undergoing crisis situations, or more generally anywhere goods cannot be shipped normally).

Please note that customs formalities at the point of entry to certain countries may cause delays in the delivery of orders.

Yes, we take extra special care preparing our packages to ensure your order reaches you in perfect condition and provides you with complete satisfaction.

All our works are shipped in secure packaging suitable for valuable, fragile products, and specially designed for works of art.

We invite you to open the package on receipt of your order, in the presence of the carrier, to check that your purchase is in perfect condition. If this is not possible, you can express specific reservations to the carrier, by writing “SR” (‘sous réserve – with reservations’) on the delivery slip.

You can contact us at any time to ask for details. We’ll let you know exactly where your order has got to.

Yes, of course. When you order, simply provide a different delivery address from the billing address.

After-sales service

Yes, you can, provided you do so within 15 days of delivery. Simply contact us, by phone or email.

Any other questions?

...You can of course contact us using the Contact form. We’ll be delighted to answer your questions.